What is Yoga Therapy

DSC_0729copyYoga Therapy is an adjunct to traditional Western methods of healing. It uses the techniques of yoga (postures, breath, and meditation) to help individuals achieve their highest level of physical, mental,
and emotional health. It does not subscribe to any one style or lineage of yoga, but combines the best of ancient and modern yoga practices into a personalized program designed to improve your state
of health.

Many health care providers are realizing the benefits of yoga for a variety of conditions, and work with yoga therapists to combine Western medicine with the ancient healing practice of yoga. Yoga therapy works one-on-one and is helpful for many conditions:

• Chronic pain (e.g. fibromyalgia, MS)
• Emotional stress or anxiety
• Physical pain (e.g. back, knee)
• Injury rehabilitation
• Hormonal issues
• Addiction
• Cancer recovery
• Depression

It is particularly beneficial for chronic conditions which persist during or after conventional medical
treatment. Yoga Therapy is not meant to replace a doctor or physical therapist, but rather to complement Western medicine after the acute phase of a condition. It is not a cure, but can improve your quality of life, and may enhance the effectiveness of clinical treatment.

Yoga Therapy understands that integration between mind, body, and spirit is essential in order to heal
the whole person. It is a path taking you on a healing journey to bring balance to body and mind through
experiencing the primary intention of Yoga: discovering your essential nature.

Every person has within them the ability to achieve a greater level of wellness and sense of well-being.  Yoga therapy will allow your inner health to achieve its outward expression