Q.    What can I expect from my yoga therapy sessions?

A.     Your first session will involve a detailed assessment of your condition. If possible, you will have completed a questionnaire prior to your first session, so that we may be better prepared to discuss your needs and expectations. We will review previous health history, any health provider visits, your current state and what your goal is from yoga therapy.

 Q.    Do I need to have previous yoga experience in order to do yoga therapy?

A.     Not at all. Your previous experience (if any) with yoga will be considered when developing your therapy program; however I meet you wherever you are in your yoga practice. Any level of physical
conditioning can benefit from yoga therapy.

 Q.    How many sessions will I need?

A.     This all depends on your specific condition and your expectations. Yoga therapy can be considered to be similar to physical therapy in that respect – you may benefit from one session, or you may benefit from a series of sessions where your therapy will be adjusted as you progress. You can come as often and as many times as you like – I will work with you to set up a schedule to meet your needs and resources.

 Q.    Will I have to chant, meditate, or bend like a pretzel?

A.     You will never be asked to do anything which makes you uncomfortable, feels weird to you, or you just don’t like. While many conditions benefit from the inward focus developed from meditative practices, there are so many beneficial types of yoga, one (or more) is bound to work for you.

Q.    Will I have things to do between sessions?

A.     Absolutely! At-home practice is the only way to effect short-term improvement and long-term benefits from your yoga therapy. At each session I will leave you with detailed instructions for yoga to do at home.

 Q.    Help! I forgot how to do the practice you showed me!

A.     No problem. I am always available to you by phone, email or text if you have any questions.